From TO to YOTOO – Inside the life of Terrell Owens

Anyone who knows sports, particularly the NFL has most likely heard of Terrell Owens. Known better by his initials as ‘TO’ this wide receiver is known as one of the most cocky, bragging, over-the-top celebrating players to ever play the game. Sure the man can run a route and catch a ball but in recent … Continue reading

Kobe Bryant’s In-Game Tweeting Comes To A Quick End

Put your phones back down during the games NBA fans. After a surprisingly exciting 10 tweets from Kobe Bryant on his Twitter account during yesterdays Spurs/Lakers Game 1 playoff game, it will now come to a sad end. During the Spurs’ 91-79 win, most of the post game talk from the media and press was … Continue reading

Anyone Heard From Vanderjagt?

With Mike Vanderjagt retiring as the most accurate kicker in NFL and CFL history its kinda strange that nobody ever hears about him anymore. While Vanderjagt may of retired with these records, he is also known for another reputation – choking on kicks when they matter the most. Making 230 of his 266 attempts during … Continue reading